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Beijing Balfour Technology (BJB) founded in 2007 and based on its management’s knowledge in chemical, HVAC, power supply and renewable energy from leading multinationals, is a small but dynamic company. Interdisciplinary knowledge and know-how in magnetic bearing based turbine for flywheel energy storage, low temperature waste heat power generation, phase- change material thermal energy storage and power supply system provides unique thinking and solutions to our customers. 

Our knowledge translates into our value-added distributorship in China for advanced technology companies, which include Vycon flywheel of Calnetix, USA, Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC) generator by Verdicorp, USA, power supply by Gustav Klein, Germany and battery management system by Generex, Germany, and R&D cooperation with University of South Florida on renewable energy.

BJB is the leader in large power rating flywheel applications in China. It has promoted various applications leveraging on flywheel’s particular characters. These applications include flywheel UPS for low PUE data centre, subway train braking power recovery, frequency regulation in micro-grid and industrial application. Customers include China Telecom and Huawei Technology. BJB was instrumental in the installation of the world wayside energy storage (WESS) for Los Angeles subway system. BJB is also the company that has installed flywheel energy storage (FESS) for renewable energy micro-grid in China to resolve the intermittency to power quality problem.

Based on our knowledge on magnetic bearing based turbine and understanding the low temperature waste heat in China, we introduced the ORC generator designed by Ron Conry, the inventor of magnetic bearing compressor, from Verdicorp. This generator is two generations ahead of screw expander and has the high waste heat electricity conversion ratio in the industry.  

On the renewable energy side, BJB working with The Clean Energy Research Centre, University of South Florida has invested in phase change material thermal energy storage system.  With Audi AG, BJB jointly promoted power-to-gas (PtG) solution to resolve the wind curtailment issue to achieve the connection among renewable energy, power grid, gas network and transport. 

Our consulting service covers foreign acquisition of and innovative business plans for advanced energy efficiency and renewable technologies.  Service scope includes bespoke acquisition plan fitting in acquirer’s strategic and capital market plan, hiring of key R&D staff and after-acquisition operation plan. On the innovative business plan, BJB has proposed various projects for clients including low PUE data centre structure, braking power recovery, scale curtailment power recovery, fast grid frequency, etc.   

Thanks to our expertise and integrity, we have the trust from leading American and European companies to represent them in China. Our knowledge also allow us to have direct working relationship with leading research institutes such as China Academy of Science, China Electric Power Research Institute, University of South Florida, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Huawei Technology,  Unicom Hong Kong, National University of Nanyang Technologies, etc.