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Organic Rankine Cycle Power Generator
ORC--Organic Rankine Cycle Power Generator Systems
Verdicorp, headquartered in the United States, is a manufacturer of an innovative range of oil-free, air-cooled and water-cooled Organic Rankine Cycle Systems.
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  • Industrial Power Supply System
    Industrial UPS System
    Our UPS protects your investments and supplies a save power to your resources at any time. Decades of experience in railway signalling, telecom, power plants, hospitals and all kind of industrial applications stand for o
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  • Bidirectional DC Source/Sink
    Infeed Test System / Typical applications including Testing and simulation of fuel cell Testing and simulation of solar panels Battery simulation Battery test
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  • Bidirectiona Battery tester
    Bidirectional Programable Battery Tester--Continuous transfer from mains supply to energy recovery up to 500 kW. Battery test Hard- and Software from BaSyTec enclosed.
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  • Bidirectiona AC Source/Sink
    The new AC-Source contains proven and approved components from the UPS technology, it can be delivered with adjustable output frequency and / or output voltage. A clearly construction and a simple maintenance ch
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  • High Power Battery Grid-connection Inverter
    Active Infeed Converter——Power converter for storage systems with reactive power regulation. 100-500kW, total power without limit.
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  • Battery Monitor and Management System
    Battery Monitor and Management System
    GENEREX‘s 3rd generation BACS (Battery Analysis & Care System) is one advanced product of its kind on the market today.
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